It’s Time to Get Heart-Healthy!

Welcome to The 4 Minute Kitchen Makeover

 Meet Susan Levy, founder and creator of the Well-Fed Heart and a 25-year heart-healthy lifestyle expert!

Imagine a kitchen that supports your best health!

The great news is that each 4 minute lesson takes one habit or skill and teaches you how to make better choices.  You’ll  gain the confidence to say “Gotta go!” –  just like Susan does. The whole family can get involved the process. Once you’re set up, it’s not time-consuming, expensive or a hassle.  It’s an important step to your healthier heart, including delicious food for joyful eating.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

Food label confidence, so you don’t get tricked by advertising again

Easy secrets to portion control– no willpower required

Cook once, eat twice menu planning so you’re not a slave in the kitchen

A simple system to organize your kitchen for your best health

The 4 Minute Kitchen Makeover

Each of These Six Segments is 4 Minutes:

Food Labels

Pantry Clean Out

Refrigerator Rotator

Freezer Fan

Portion Control

Meal Planning

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What Our Clients are Saying:

‘I loved the kitchen makeover with Susan Levy. It helped me better understand food labels and which foods I should and should not have in my kitchen. Susan is helpful and full of ideas and is ready to answer our questions. I am looking forward to my new healthier self and making all the recipes she provided! I recommend everyone spending time with Susan Levy. It’s totally worth it!’
Janet Powers, CEO, Woman's Toolbox
‘Ever Since Susan taught me how to decipher the secrets behind food labels, the contents of my cupboards have never been the same.’
Debby Kennedy
‘I always knew I was supposed to read food labels, but the truth is I didn’t know what it all meant. After listening to Susan, I now use the Well-Fed Heart recipes and shop completely different. The bonus is that I’ve lost 16 pounds! What a truly loving gift to a friend struggling with the weight challenge. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What I loved—your slides were just enough and not too much. The pace was easy to follow and I like the breaks with an immediate chance to share what we found in our cupboard, fridge and freezer.’
Jannice Rose, The Everett Clinic
‘This interactive webinar is perfect for people who want to eat real food and would like a jumpstart. It’s designed to help those who are confused by the wide variety of choices we’re all faced with, would like to better understand food labels, and want some delicious recipes to help change the way they cook. Susan is very knowledgeable and encouraging and makes the kitchen makeover process fun!’
Sue Meland, Marketing Manager, Franciscan Heart Center
‘Susan has the expertise to lead people thru their kitchens with ease and joy– I loved making the tweaks that she suggested, so now I think of my kitchen as a supportive environment. I highly recommend you try it, too.’
Michelle Schaeffer, The Ultimate Blogging Challenge


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The 4-Minute Kitchen Makeover eCourse contains six 4-minute modules and free downloads and documents, and other program resources.  It allows you to move at your own pace to create your own heart-healthy kitchen.

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LIVE Personal Session With Susan Levy

LIVE Kitchen Makeover with Susan Levy herself! This is a private one-on-one coaching customized to your pantry. The session is a total of 60 minutes and includes Susan having a private consultation with you about the 4-Minute Kitchen Makeover, then helping you assess and problem solve a kitchen makeover task of your choice.

Your Price: $397